Sari is incredibly intuitive. We tried to work together once but the call was super broken up. Later it became clear that the timing wasn't ideal and we would have cheated ourselves if it had worked out. We rescheduled and the following call was absolutely mind blowing.

She let her intuition take the lead and we cleared negative energetic cords I had with my parents, reclaimed my power, exchanged power keys, removed shackles from past life traumas that have kept me from being free in this life. She addressed reclaiming my masculinity. We integrated the energies of being masculine, mastery, manifesting and limitless. I was extremely moved by her process.

The subsequent week has been awesome for me. I feel happy. I feel like I have been released from prison. I'm free. I'm contemplating my future with joy.

Sari was super committed to my healing and it was evident in her work. I can't say enough good things. It was an profoundly amazing experience.

To begin my review & recommendation I must state than Sati is above all KIND, generous and very thoughtful, thorough and intuitive. We worked on a block in selling real estate. But it led to deeper issues and a very broader clearing covering many/all areas... I felt a profound peace & knowing about this situation and the path before me after our session. Please  trust Sati to use her natural gifting and do her best for you, it is a wonderful blessing.

Sari is truly a gift to this world. I was having a really tough month and feeling really low, as soon as we connected, I could feel my energy just skyrocket. I felt so amazing. During our call, we worked on my relationship issues and she was able to find out things that I had hidden from myself. The call was fantastic, and Sari is extremely talented.

Sari is amazing! She is soft spoken and kind and generous with her gift.I have worked with many energy healers over the past few years and while they made progress it was slow and was not getting to the root cause.Sari immediately identified the root of the pattern to clear as well as cording and keys that needed to be cleared and reclaimed.I would recommend anyone to work with her.Kelly Barlow Shugrue (Colorado, USA).

Sati, is A Marvlous Intutive, she Reciving Message from her Guides very Fast, she Know the Number of the Guides, even if they are Femal Energy or Men Energy , l have Doing Clearing a Lots of Time with Sati, her Vibration is Loving ,Caring, Motivating, Motherly Love, from Today Clearing at the beginng of our Clearing Session l was resistance, & at the middle l was getting calmer , then after l am having Smiling when she is connecting me with my Guides & Angels , and l have to Upgrades them , l was Smiling how Can do that , ? & l follow her Guids & l did it. my Angels are very Corprative they did what l was asking them, .wow how Magical is that l Can do it with the Help of Sati , & when she was telling me you Need to Dance in the middle of the BBOL l was very Smiling cause l saw me Dancing Happy and with Ice Dance Stadium for the whole public , l Love that Really have to smile , she is Really Lovefilled Being that she has a Lots of Wisdom, Really recomand her Clearing any Thing which is Holding you from what you want Love you Sati, Thank you Beza Lange from Germany