Welcome !!

The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.

A little bit about me

My journey started in 1997 where life dealt me a deck of cards which broke me as a person.  I started on  the journey of self healing through Reiki. Along the journey I learnt the power of meditation and mind control through studying the Siva Method which is now part of my daily routine.  

Silva Graduate:

Learning meditation both passive and dynamic meditations, self healing and more.

Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner :

I hear you saying "you what????".  It is a Hawaiian practice of clearing energy blocks. It is a method where you are able to clear others by clearing yourself.  It is extremely effective practice.  Dr Hew Len used to practice this in a Mental Hospital.  He never once saw the patients but he used to do the clearing in himself and within a few years all the patients (who were there for life) had to be discharged because they all got better.

The world we see is a projection of our inner self.  So, when a client comes to me with a problem, I take it as my responsibility - in other words I am responsible for them having that problem.  So, I clean myself with all and any emotions that arise in me when you tell me about.

Reiki Practictioner